Takayama City
~ Where Streets of the Past Remain ~

Takayama City

Located in Gifu prefecture and nestled within the heart of the mountains, Takayama retains a traditional touch, unlike any other Japanese city. Preserved in the beautiful Old Town are the remnants of the city’s rich medieval history, and twice a year in the spring and autumn during Takayama Matsuri, elaborate and magnificent yatai (festival floats) featuring the region’s finest wood craftsmanship, and the icons of Japanese folklore are paraded throughout town. The experience in Takayama not only provides the harmonious meld of history, tradition, and nature, but also the warm hospitality and cultural pride of its people.

Transport Hub Takayama Station
Address 1-22-2 Showamachi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, 506-0053
Web https://www.hida.jp/english/index.html

The memorable Old Town of Takayama contains the vestiges of Japan’s feudal past. Immerse yourself in the dignified atmosphere of streets preserved since 400 years ago, whether it’s touring the area by man-pulled rickshaw or savoring the delicious offerings of Hida cuisine.


Must See Places


From kosher-certified sake exclusive to Takayama to high-quality Hida beef, there are a variety of culinary delights sold by the locally-owned shops and restaurants in Takayama. Feast on well-loved dishes of Japanese cuisine such as ramen or enjoy regional soul food such as dango flavored with a soy sauce glaze.

Okuhida Hot Spring Region

Enveloped by towering mountains, the Okuhida Hot Spring Region is famous for having the most open-air outdoor baths in the country. Escape the rigors of daily life in the relaxing waters while basking in the untouched, viridian beauty of the forest landscape.

Takayama Jinya

The only surviving building of its kind, the Takayama Jinya grants visitors a rare chance to step back into the past and tour what was once the administrative seat of the region during Japan’s Edo Period (1603-1868).