Nakatsugawa City, a nature-rich town where you can experience history and culture.

Nakatsugawa City

Nakatsugawa city is located in the south-eastern tip of Gifu Prefecture and has rich nature, with the Kiso River flowing in the middle of the city. It used to flourish as the key transportation hub where people, supplies and traditions come and go.

You can also immerse yourself in the feeling of a traveler from the days past at the inns along the Nakasendo, including the Magome-Tsumago hike, which was selected as one of 'Japan's Top 25' attractions by the American travel guidebook, Lonely Planet. There are also many historical and cultural attractions, including Ji-kabuki (local kabuki) as well as scenic spots such as the ruins of Naegi Castle and the Tsukechi Gorge.

Transport Hub Nakatsugawa Station
Address 2-1-3, Otamachi, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture, 508-0033

Being one of the five main routes constructed during Edo period. There are three post towns, Magome-juku, Ochiai-juku and Nakatsugawa-juku in Nakatsugawa city. Strolling through each post town, you will be immersed in the nostalgic atmosphere of the Edo period. Hiking on Ochiai Cobblestone Path is popular for visitors since scenes of the Edo period still remains. Nakatsugawa-juku, where Sugihara's house stood, is the 45th post town on the Nakasendo Road. There are a lot of old buildings still remaining since the Edo period and newly opened cafes. Sugihara lived in Nakatsugawa between the age of 5 and 7 years old. He entered Nakatsu Jinjo Elementary School (present Nakatsugawa City Minami Elementary School).

Must See Places

Site of Nakatsu Jinjo Elementary School

A city library and community center stand where Nakatsu Jinjo Elementary School used to stand. Roof tiles used for the school have remained.

Naegi Castle Ruins

It's a mountain castle built during the Sengoku period. The site is on the steep hill on the right bank of the Kiso River, flowing from east to west in the city. The enormous natural rocks are used to construct the stone wall of the castle of the remarkable stone walls in the nation. The castle tower observatory is a viewpoint from which you can see Mt. Ena as well as other mountains, the Kiso River and even the city of Nakatsugawa.

Tsukechi Gorge

Located in the hidden area of the deep mountains, all nature here stays untouched. Stream water is clear enough to see the bottom of the river and trees, changing their color are beautiful with each passing season. A promenade of about 860 meters around Fudo Park allows visitors to enjoy a walk and forest bathing while looking closely at Kannon Falls and Fudo Falls.

Yumori Valley

A fantastic view spot located at about 700 meters above sea level. In autumn, you can see the brilliantly colored leaves. The valley has a walking trail and five waterfalls to enjoy. The 12 meters drop of Ryujin Falls is particularly a compelling sight to behold.

Gourmet / Kurikinton - Chestnuts sweet

Kurikinton is a Japanese sweet with a very simple savor of chestnut itself. It is said that it originated in Nakatsugawa.

Gourmet / Local Sake

There are various kinds of local sakes in Nakatsugawa since the climate is suitable for sake brewing. Taste a little bit of them and feel the differences.